Pentax K-S1. DSLR with some bling.

RicohRicoh (Pentax) has announced a new DSLR named the Pentax K-S1.  It’s slotted as an entry level camera priced at $750 (body only).  And, in usual Pentax style, this entry level camera is being offered in several colors.  Twelve colors to be exact.  If you read the specs for this camera (you can read them here), its hard to argue about this camera’s abilities.  From the 20mp sensor to the selectable AA filter, this camera is packed with some pretty high end stuff.  But what sets this apart from any other DSLR to date is the bling.  Pentax has lit this thing up like a Christmas tree.  Ok, it’s not that bad, but this is the first DSLR that I have ever seen decked out with so many LEDs.

The LED’s are not only there for show either.  The ring around the shutter changes from green for still photos to red when recording video.  The LED lit mode dial and 4 way selector on the back is backlit with LEDs for visibility in low light.  And the 5 LEDs on the front work with the countdown timer and the face detection function.  Hate the LED’s?  No worries, you can turn them all off using the settings menu.

But how well does it take photos?  Pentax has some sample JPEG images straight from the camera so you can see for yourself.

So what do you think?  Love it or hate it?  I’m still on the fence about this one but I’m sort of warming up to the Midnight Black version.  I like black and yellow…


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Microsoft Surface Pro 3

microsoftI know its fashionable to use Apple products but I have a PC.  I have always had a PC and all my software is for PC.  Although Photography is my hobby, I have other work responsibilities that require me to run PC software.  So… I have a PC.

I had to retire an Old Windows XP machine so it was time to start looking for some new hardware.  I couldn’t decide on a laptop or a tablet.  I really wanted the processing power of a laptop but I wanted it to be portable.  Until now I have been lugging around a 17 inch screen laptop and to be honest… I’m just plain tired of lugging that heavy beast all around when I travel.

So I just couldn’t decide.  Laptop or Tablet?  So I just decided that I wanted both and Thanks to Microsoft I now have both.  Well, both in the same machine. IMGP3504-small This is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  It looks a lot like a laptop in this photo I took but don’t let the keyboard fool you.  The keyboard is attached via a magnetic connection so you just need to pull it off if you want the tablet experience.  And if you need to reattach the keyboard, you just need to get it near the tablet and the magnets snap it back into place.

My favorite part of this little beauty is that is runs Photoshop and Lightroom (and all my plugins).



The Operating system is Windows 8.1.  I know some people don’t like the Windows 8 experience but I really like it a lot.  I guess you could say that I got used to it and now I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows 7.

I’m not really an electronics reviewer but here are a few highlights of the Surface Pro 3.

  • USB Port
  • Display Port
  • Micro SD Card Port
  • Touch Screen
  • Front & Rear Cameras

If you want more specs on the Surface Pro 3 you can click this link

All in all its a pretty cool tablet that doubles as a laptop.  Or is it a laptop that doubles as a tablet?  Either way… It’s just awesome!



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Adobe updates Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw for CS6

Adobe_PS_LRIf you’ve jumped on the creative cloud bandwagon then you probably don’t need this information.  But for those of you who are die hards like me who still have the software installed locally on their computer, Adobe has upgraded Lightroom and ACR for CS6.

If you have automatic updates active you should get a notification when you start Lightroom or Photoshop.  If not you can go to the Help menu and check for updates.  Lightroom was updated to version 5.6.  The Adobe Camera Raw plugin for Photoshop was updated to version 8.6.  Enjoy and happy shooting!

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Why are my Photos Blurry!

I get asked about blurry photos quite a bit. It seems to be a fairly common problem so I decided to write a really short tutorial on blurry photos. So what causes your photos to be blurry? Of course there are many reasons but I’ll just touch on the most common. They would be “Out of Focus”, “Motion Blur”, “Camera Shake”, and “Noise”.


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K-3 Unboxing Video

Some of you may know I admin a few camera pages on Facebook. this video is from one of the group members. Scott does a really nice job with his unboxing and comparison to the K-5. Thanks Scott!
Scott Dietz unboxing the Pentax K-3

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New Camera! Pentax K-3

Its been a while since I have been blogging.  I have just been busy with life and things.  Work.  Wife.  One kid graduated from college and entering the workforce. Other kid starting her 3 year away.  So I’ve been a bit busy.   so what brings me back to CLL to blog post?  A new camera, what else?  I haven’t been this excited about a camera since I bought my Pentax K-5 a few years ago.

IMGP9952Enter the Pentax K-3.  I have only had this camera for a short while but so far I’m very impressed.  There are so many upgrades I haven’t even begun to explore them.  I have only had time to take a limited number of photos since this camera landed on my doorstep courtesy of B&H Photo and UPS (and my bank account).

Since I have had the camera I have been asked so many questions. Continue reading

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Backyard Birding

I have always been a fan of photographing birds.  It was probably one of my favorite things since I got into photography.  I don’t know why I like birds but I always have.  I even have a pet parrot (an African grey for those who are wondering…).IMGP7984

My attempts at shooting birds in the past have been ok.  Some of my shots would even be considered good to very good.  But there was always something that I seemed to be missing.  I just never understood how some photographers could get full frame shots of tiny birds.  How did they get so close with out spooking them.  There were times I would sit still for hours just so I could get a fairly tight shot with a 500mm lens and then I’d still have to crop away a good portion of the shot to get a close up.

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Merry Christmas!

Its Christmas Eve here in NJ.  It has been a Crazy year for me.  I’m sure not many of you are still following my Blog but if you are Thanks for staying with me.  Everyone here in the CLL  family is happy and healthy which I really cant say enough about.  Just one year ago things were looking pretty bleak here for me and my family.  This year has brought some tragic moments but also some new beginnings so we are all very thankful.

So, From all of us at CLL, we wish you and your families a very happy and blessed Christmas and Holiday season.  IMGP7641

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Photoshop CS 6 Beta is here!

Adobe has released Photoshop CS 6 in Beta form.  As a beta it is free to download and use up until the actual full release of the software.  So what’s new?  If you want the full scoop on what’s new and an over view of all the bells and whistles hop on over to the Adobe Photoshop CS 6 Beta Launch center hosted by NAPP.  The team over at the National Association of Photoshop Professionals will give you an overview of the beta release complete with videos.  Check it out!

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Voting Open for February Photo Contest.

Pop on over to the forum and vote for our February Photo Contest.  The theme for February was “Transportation”.  We have some pretty nice entries this month so stop by the forum and check them out.  Dont forget to vote!  (you must be a registered member of the forum to be able to vote.  Registration is free.)

Camera Light Lens Forum February Photo Contest

Click the above link to jump right to the voting thread.  Good Luck everyone!

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