Ferrari?, Hasselblad?, why not both?

What do you do when you have more money than you know what to do with?  How should I know?  I’ll never be in that position but I can imagine if you like cars and you like cameras you may possibly want the latest from Hasselblad.  

This is the Hasselblad H4D Ferrari Edition ($28,000 USD), complete with it’s designer custom carbon fiber presentation box..  What is so special about this you ask?  What features does this have that the standard Hasselblad H4D ($18,000 USD) does not?  Well, this one is red and it sports a Ferrari logo.  More then enough improvements to justify the $10,000 price increase don’t you think?  I know we are all camera nuts but cmon….  isn’t this just a bit excessive?

If you want the rest of the info on this camera you can visit the Hassleblad website at this link

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