Topaz Labs releases Topaz ReMask 3

Topaz Labs has announced the release of ReMask 3.  Topaz Labs is the maker of the popular Topaz Adjust Photoshop plugin and Topaz DeNoise.  Both are pretty amazing plugins.  ReMask 3 is a photoshop plugin that will allow you to create very specific maskes for use in photoshop.  If you are using Topaz ReMask 2 you will be happy to know that Topaz Labs is giving this away as a free upgrade to those that already own the software.  If you dont already own the plugin, there is good news for you too.  Topaz Labs is offering a pretty good discount on ReMask 3.  More info and a coupon code aftter the break

You can find full details by visinting Topaz Labs on the web.  The webpage give a full description of the powerfull features of ReMask 3 and includes a youtube video/tutorial showing the software in action.  From now till Jauary 1, 2011, Topaz Labs is offering their Topaz ReMask 3 plugin for only $49.99 of you use the cupon code SuperMask during the checkout process.  This will score you a $20 discount of the regular price.  It’s a pretty sweet deal for the holiday season.  Visit Topaz Labs on the web for further details:

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