Quick Pod for DSLR

With the holiday season approaching, what do you get for your favorite photographer who already seems to have it all?  Perhaps you should look at the Quick Pod.  This gadget was originally made in a smaller version for point and shoot cameras to act as an extension of your arm.  You would attach your camera to the quick pod an then you could hod your camera out away from yourself and a friend so you could take your own photos of yourself with out having to hand your precious camera over to a stranger.  Or you could use it to hold your camera up high above the crowd and get those shots that you would otherwise miss. 

Well the Quick Pod DSLR is very similar to the original Quick Pod.  This beefed up version of the Quick Pod will not only allow you to hold your DSLR for your self portraits and high above the crowd shots but it’s sturdy enough to act as a monopod.  And if you have a speedlight, you can use it to take your flash even further off camera and place your light in positions that you could not with just your arm.  The Quick Pod DSLR is fairly inexpensive at around $50 USD.  Take a look at http://www.quikpod.com/dslr.asp

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