Looking for a new Lens? You have nothing to fear, Lens Hero is here.

Are you bitten by Lens Buying Addiction?  Can’t decide which lens is right for you?  Or, do you just want to know what is available in your budget?

No worries, let Lens Hero help.  Lens Hero is a new web site service for Photographers that will help you choose the right lens for you.  After you enter your make and model camera, enter your budget, and make some general choices about what you are looking for, Lens Hero does it’s magic and lists several lenses that meet your specifications and lists their estimated price to help guide you through choosing the right lens.  This is a new service so don’t be surprised if some lenses are missing at this point.  I did a search for fish-eye lenses for my Pentax K-5 and was a bit disappointed that the only lenses listed were the Pentax Fish-eye and some Lens Baby Lenses.  Missing were a few Sigma Lenses and the manual focus lenses from Samyang,Vivitar, Bower Etc…  And those are some pretty popular lenses. 

On the plus side this is a totally free service so if you are looking for a new lens, it cant hurt to give Lens Hero a try.  http://lenshero.com/

Update**  I posted on the Lens Hero site about missing lenses from my search and I received an almost instant reply from the Lens Hero staff asking about which lenses were not showing up in the search.  Kudos to Lens Hero for keeping on top of their site.  Perhaps my limited results was just a glitch.  Pentax, Lens Baby, and Sigma lenses were listed when I tried again.  Still no listing for the 8mm Fish-eye lenses from Samyang, Rokinon, Vivtar, etc…  they informed me that they opted not to list those brands at this time  :(

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