Top Knots Photo Contest


Do you fancy yourself a great wedding photographer?  Or, would you like to see how some of the top wedding photogs are working their art?  Either way you’ll want to stop on over at the TopKnots photo contest web site and check it out.  The Photo District News is hosting a Top Knots wedding photography competition which you can see at The free entry deadline is today, December 21, 2010.  Not enough time you say?  well if you need more than a few hours to pour through your hard drive to find your best wedding photos you can pay a $10 late entry fee up until January 5th, 2011 when all entries are closed.  Prizes for this competition are a Nikon DSLR, Cash prizes in the form of gift cards from Adorama and more.  there are several categories too so you can enter a few of your top photos. 

If you dont shoot weddings or if you just want to see what’s being entered you can visit this page and check out the latest entries.   There are official judges for this contest so you wont be able to have your friends spam the voting.  So click on over and take a look.  You may even be inspired  :)

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