Nikon – patent surfacing for motorized Zoom DSLR Lenses? is reporting that Nikon has submitted a patent for a DSLR Lens with a motorized Zoom.  Now that most high end and mid priced DSLR’s have a movie mode, it would seem that Nikon is trying to address the issue of smoothly zooming in while taking video.  The concept would be very similar to what you experience when you are using the wide and tele buttons on a point and shoot camera and should take some of the jerkiness out of your video that you may experience when trying to zoom manually and focus at the same time.  This story has popped up at several other sites as well.

Although this may sound like a unique and innovative idea, Pentax introduced the PZ-70 film SLR camera in 1993 which was compatible with the PZ (Power Zoom) lenses in the FA series.  Although out of production, these lenses can still be found on Amazon and Ebay and apparently work on the K-7 and K-5 Digital SLR cameras as well as a few other Pentax DSLR cameras.  Perhaps Pentax was just a bit ahead of its time?  Well, the experts say that imitation is the best form of flattery.

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