PDN/Photo Plus Virtual Event in December

The Photo District News and Photo Plus had their annual Expo last month in New York City.  The Expo is alway filled with vendors showing off their latest and greatest photo gear and accessories and such.  In addition there are always seminars so you can improve your skills as a photographer.  Its a spectacualr event every year but unfortunately alot of us cant make it to New York.

Well, thanks to the internet you dont have to make it to New York to be a part of the PDN/Photo Plus experience.  On December 8th, 2010, the good folks at PDN and Photo Plus are offering a one day virtual event.  the event will run form 10:00 AM to 7:00PM USA Eastern time.  The event promises to be jampacked with webinars so you can develop your skills, and will also let you visit virtual vendors booths you you can learn about new products and services available to photographers.  the best part about this event is that its FREE.  Yep, totaly free.  You just need to register for the event and then spend the day online learning about your favorite hobby/craft.  If you are interested you can click the link below

PDN/Photo Plus One Day Online Event

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