Casio Tryx Point and shoot – Something Different

Amongst the plethora of new point and shoot camera’s, the Casio Tryx really stands out among the crowd.  This 0.59 inch super thin camera is really something different.  Sure, you can use this camera in the traditional way as a normal thin point ans shoot but with the flip out and back display screen which rotates 270 degrees, well, you can quicly see how this camera can be use like no regular point and shoot.  More info, specs, and some photos after the jump.

The frame on this camera rotates 360 degrees.  The display screen rotates 270 degrees.  The combination is that you have endless shooting configurations with this camera.  Let your imagination run wild with this thing and you can quickly see how this will help you shoot photos that would otherwise be nearly impossible.   This camera features a three inch touch screen LDC display, 12.1 mp CMOS sensor, Video at full 1080p HD at 30 frames per second, and SD card compatibility.  Full specs can be found at the official Casio Press Release.  check below for some photos of this unique camera.  The Tryx should be available in April 2011 for around $250.

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2 Responses to Casio Tryx Point and shoot – Something Different

  1. Melissa says:

    That is neat. I really like the sleek design of it. And at about 1/2 inch that would fit nicely in a pocket or purse.

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