Webinar – Beyond Monitor Calibration

The folks over at Xrite are hosting a free webinar tittled “Beyond Monitor Calibration – Getting Prints That Match Your Display”.  One of the things we all struggle with is color profiling and getting consistent color between our displays, printers, scanners, and our professional labs.  This webinar will cover the following topics:

Monitor to print matching (calibration and profiling)
Obtaining consistent color in camera
One click accurate color edits
Benefits of creating and using custom printer profiles
Soft-proofing in Adobe® Photoshop®
Applying printer profiles in Photoshop®
Digital projector profiling

The webinar will be held on January 13 with two sessions available.  The first at 1PM USA Eastern Time, and the second at 3PM USA Eastern Time.  Of course, sign up for the live webinar by clicking the appropriate time above.  Signing up for the live event will allow you to interact with the instructor and ask questions.  If you cant be online for either live event, you can catch the recorded version which will be available on the Xrite website in the  Webinar Archive Section.

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