Free Webinar – One Light Exposures and Fill Flash

The folks over at are having another “Foundations” webinar.  This webinar is titled “One Light Exposure & Basic Fill Flash.  This webinar is being sponsored by Sekonic and is being offered for free on Friday January 14th (tomorrow).

The webinar is another addition to the “Foundations” series of videos over at  All of the webinars in the Foundations series are free of charge and cover most of the basics for beginning photographers and even some more advanced stuff.  The Webinar will be hosted by Will Crockett.  Will Crockett is an excellent speaker and presents information in a manner that’s easy for all to understand. 

This webinar will be held on Friday January 14th, 2011 at 1PM USA Eastern time.  If you cant find time to view the initial webinar, this webinar will be archived and can be viewed at any time by downloading the video from the Library section of the website.  If you are interested in this webinar you can register at this link and be sure to pop on over to and have a look around.

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