Pentax K-7 and K-x Firmware Update to Support SDXC

The folks are Pentax have just released a new firmware update for their K-7 and K-x cameras.  This firmware update provides support for the newest SDXC memory cards. Links after the jump.

The folks at Pentax never cease to amaze me.  Pentax just recently released firmware updates for their newly released cameras, the K-5 and K-r that added compatibility with the newest cards in the SD format, the SDXC cards.  This was expected since pentax announced this future compatibility when the cameras were announced at Photokina 2010.  But not to leave their loyal users out in the cold they have now released updates for their older cameras the K-7 and K-x.  If you are interested in updating your firmware for your Pentax K-7 you can follow this link.  For you K-x owners, you will need to click this link to get your firmware update.  As with any firmware update, plese read and follow the instructions.  I guess I should also mention that Pentax is known for tweaking things in their announced firmware updates that go unreported so who knows what other goodies will be included.

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