Pentax K-7 Discontinued

After the release of the new Pentax Flagship camera, the Pentax K-5, it was speculated that the previous top of the line Pentax camera, the K-7 would be discontinued.  At the time of the K-5 release, Pentax stated that the K-5 would replace the K-7 in Japan but the K-7 would remain available in some markets.  Well, the K-7 is officially been discontinued as posted on the Pentax Japan site.  Click here for the original link or click herefor the Google English translation.  I contacted Pentax USA to verify how this will affect K-7 sales in the North American market and this is the reply.

Scott :the K-7 is coming up as discontinued on the japan website. is the K-7 also being discontinued in the North American market?
Paul C: usually when a new camera is introduced ( K-5 ) the previous camera is discontinued , at this point it will probably be whatever is left in the distribution channels…if it is discontinued in Japan the global supply will start to deplete

Thanks to forum member Pentaxian for bringing this up in the forum in this thread

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