Getting Down Low With Profinder: A New Way to Get Those Low Angle Shots

Getting Down Low With Profinder:  A New Way to Get Those Low Angle Shots

Sometimes the only way to compose the shot you want is to get the camera down low.  Anything lower than eye height causes us photographers to bend, squat, kneel, or get down on the ground to get those angles we are looking for.  Looking for an alternative to laying face down in the dirt?  Take a look at the Profinder. The profinder is an attachment that mounts to your DSLR’s tripod mount.  Once attached, it creates a a low angle viewfinder for your camera so you can shoot at those awkward angles and save your back some trouble.  This is great news but it gets better, the Profinder doesn’t need to be removed when you want to go back to shooting normally.  You just flip up the eye piece and you have a 3x magnifying Loupe allowing you to view your camera’s LCD display.  turning on your live view will enable you to shoot like you normally would composing through the viewfinder.  The 3x Loupe also comes in handy when viewing your photos off the camera back.  Viewing in direct sunlight is no longer a problem.  The Profinder is available for select Canon and Nikon cameras.  Check it out at

Photos courtesy of PDN and Varavon

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