Black Widow DSLR Holster, Beauty With Some Bite!

You’re out hiking all day in the wilderness or the urban jungle.  You have your camera strapped securely around your neck.  As the day wears on, that heavy camera is  causing your stock camera strap to bite into the back of your neck.  Sound familiar?  Wouldn’t you love an inexpensive solution to get that camera off your neck but still keep it handy so you can be up and shooting in an instant?   Well, the good folks at Spider Holster just may have the solution you’re looking for.  Spider Holster has just introduced the latest in their line of innovative DSLR products.  Not a new style camera strap but a totally new carrying solution that will replace your strap all together.  Say hello to the Spider Black Widow.  The Black Widow hangs at your hip, secured by your own belt or an optional Spider belt, creating a holster for your DSLR camera.  But this is no ordinary holster.  The camera doesn’t get inserted into the holster like a holster bag.  Instead, a special pin is attached to your camera using the threaded tripod hole in the base of your camera.  This pin then attaches to the Black Widow so your camera hangs at your side always read for you to grab it and take your shot.  Once in the holster the camera is secured with a locking mechanism that must be released before the camera can be removed.  This only takes a flick of a finger from your non shooting hand.  So what is this gonna cost you?  The Black Widow should be available for about $50 which is comparable with a few of the premium camera straps.  If you are interested in the Black Widow you can check it out at the Spider website here for more information and a pretty informative video.

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4 Responses to Black Widow DSLR Holster, Beauty With Some Bite!

  1. Melissa says:

    Pretty cool. I would be afraid that the camera would fall and constantly be checking my side. Or that I would forget and bump it into things. I am curious if any of our forum members use this.

    • Scott says:

      I wouldnt worry so much about it falling out. If you watch the video it’s held in pretty securely. But you do raise a valid point about banging the camera into things. I “bumped” one of my lenses into a truck door at an auto show while it was extended and broke it. I guess it would take a bit of getting used to.

  2. chuck says:

    Absolutely the solution for me! I have an injured shoulder and simply cannot lug my d7100 w/300mm f4 prime around. I am a nature shooter (birds mostly) and i had to give it up until i saw the spider. Cant wait to start shooting again. Thanks for this review!

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