New Canon Super Telephoto Lenses. Reach Out and Touch Someone

Canon has announced two new versions of its Super Telephoto lenses, the EF 600mm f4 IS II USM and the EF 500mm f4 IS II USM.  Original versions of these lenses were introduced 11 years ago so Canon has decided to reissue these lenses with a modern face lift of sorts.

The updated versions of these two lenses will be lighter and more durable than their first introduced siblings.  Canon also has incorporated fluorite optical lens elements which are supposed to reduce chromatic aberration and eliminate color blurring around image edges.  The Canon Image Stabilization has been updated and improved as well providing a 4 stop advantage over a non stabilized lens.  Costs?  well…  they are very high but pretty much what you would expect for lenses of this class.  The EF 500mm will be available in May for approximately $9500.00 USD.  The EF 600mm will be available sometime in June for an estimated 12000.00 USD.  You can read the press release here

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2 Responses to New Canon Super Telephoto Lenses. Reach Out and Touch Someone

  1. Melissa says:

    $12,000!!!! Phew. I couldn’t imagine paying that for glass ;)

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