Pelican 0910: SD Card Case on Steroids.

Looking for a rock solid and secure case for your precious SD cards?  If so, you’ll want to take a look at this.  This is the model 0910 SD Card Case by Pelican Cases.  Not only does this little case give you a safe and secure way to hold 8 SD cards, it also does so in the typical Pelican style offering a water tight rubber gasket seal and a locking latch.  The locking latch and hinge are secured by metal pins so you wont have to worry about plastic hinges cracking from normal use.  More info and photos after the break.

This little case is built like a tank.  Your SD cards are secured in cutouts that hold your cards firmly and securely in place.  But, at the same time, your cards are easy to insert and remove when needed.  If you have mini SD cards you can store up to 16 of  them under the SD cards.  The case runs about $18 to $19 USD and is well worth every penny.  They make a model for photographers using Compact Flash cards too (Pelican 0940) which holds up to 4 CF cards in similar Pelican Style.   For me, this case was well worth the investment.  No longer are my cards just tossed in a pocket of my bag floating around lose in their flimsy plastic cases.  All my cards are now secure in one place.  Another neat feature is that the cards can also be stored upside down.  Why upside down?  Once a card is full you can put it in the case upside down so you can tell at a glance which are empty and which have been used.  Below are some photos of the case.  You can find a few more in the forum at this thread.

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