Lexar Pro 64 and 128 SD Cards Available, or are they???

Well, technically, yes at least the 64GB version is available.   Numerous sources on the web have been reporting this these super high capacity SD cards are now available for sale.  News?  Well,not really.  These were announced a while back so it was only a matter of time but with so many news blogs and such reporting on the availability of these cards I began to wonder just how “Available” they really were. 

These cards seem to be a bit of overkill for most people.  High end DSLR cameras can take advantage of the additional storage but most photogs wouldn’t want to store all their eggs in one basket.  After all, a single card failure could wipe out your entire day’s work if you stored all your images on one card.  But for those shooting HD video with their DSLR’s, well that’s another story all together. 

So I got to wondering, how available are these cards to the general public?  I don’t just mean are they in stock at retailers but are they affordable.  My benchmark stores for checking prices of camera supplies are B&H Photo and Video in New York and Amazon.com.  Both have nearly everything and anything you’d ever want for your camera needs.  Of course the customer service at B&H can’t be beat.  And you’d expect to pay a premium for this level of service, but for the most part, you don’t.  The prices at B&H Photo and Video are usually right in line and are sometimes even less than those at the super e-tailer, Amazon.com.  The savings are going to have to be significant for Amazon to get the nod over B&H in my book. But I’m getting side tracked here. 
So, I did a quick check of prices for these cards at Amazon, and B&H.  I also tossed in pricing from New Egg.com, a computer/electronics online speciality store.  The comparisons are below.

Lexar Professional class 10 64GB SD card
Amazon – $129.00 via Beach Camera
B&H Photo – $129.00
New Egg.com – Not Available

Lexar Professional Class 10 128GB SD card
Amazon – Not Available
B&H Photo – $238.00 (Not available until April)
New Egg.com – Not Available

Well it would seem that they are not really all that available.  The 64GB version is on the street at some locations but the price is a bit much for most people.  The 128GB version seems to be unavailable everywhere.  I did a google search and found it available for preorder at Crutchfield.com for $300!  That’s just nuts in my book.  I guess if you want these super high capacity cards you might have to wait just a bit longer.  Hopefully in the near future they will be readily available to the masses at a reasonable price.

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