Pentax K-5 Price Drop

When the Pentax K-5 was released it sold very well at its suggested price of $1600. Probably one of the most successful cameras that Pentax has fielded to date. The K-5 received some glowing reviews around the web including a “Gold Award” from Digital Photography Review. The Pentax K-5 was a hot topic on the web when dXo mark scored it higher than any other APS-c camera and it even scored better than many full frame cameras. It was not all roses however. Pentax’s success was overshadowed by a manufacturing process issue on the first run of the K-5 that plagued many cameras.┬áResidue left over from the manufacturing process on the underside of the low pass filter caused “sensor stains” that required affected owners to return their cameras for repair or replacement. That issue was corrected and things seem to be back to normal.

Today I checked the pricing of the Pentax K-5 at B&H Photo and Video in NY. They are currently selling the K-5 for $1399, a $200 savings from the release price. If the price drops continue, perhaps we will be looking at a $1200 K-5 by mid summer. At that price I must say that I will be very tempted to get a second body

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