iPhone 5: A DSLR Killer?

I see all sorts of crazy stuff when I’m scanning the internet for content for CLL but this really caught my eye.  It would seem that the folks over at The Pop Herald (www.pophearld.com) have posted an article who’s headline reads that the iPhone 5 may kill DSLR cameras.  This is apparently based on statistics they are gathering from Yahoo’s photo site Flickr.  It would seem that the statistics indicate that the iPhone is quickly becoming the most popular camera on Flickr and is only slightly behoind the #1 camera currently on Flickr, the Nikon D90.  The rumor on the iPhone 5 is that it will sport an 8mp camera.  The article claims that the new phone in combination with the photo apps from Apple’s App Store are the winning combination that will kill off DSLR’s.

Seriously?  Do these guys even have a clue what they are talking about?  How can anyone who is serious about photography even compare a simple point and shoot camera with a DSLR?  After all, that’s what is in the iPhone, a simple P&S camera.  Are camera phones fun?  Yes.  Convienient?  Yes.  Able to provide you with the creative options that are available on even the most basic DSLR?  Ummmm  No.   Maybe when Apple addresses sync speed, interchangable lenses, and off camera flash I’ll start to worry.  But for now, at least for me, a point and shoot camera with instant access to Facebook and Flickr isnt going to get me to ditch my DSLR anytime soon.  How about you?  Will you be dumping your DSLR for an iPhone 5?

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4 Responses to iPhone 5: A DSLR Killer?

  1. chris doyle says:

    I understand you reaction there but if I step back and look at the whole picture I think it’s possibly correct and don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.

    The last ten years has seen an explosion of DSLR’s and interest in photography, largely driven by the immediacy of the results and the low cost of taking pictures.
    For a lot of people the biggest outlay is the DSLR itself (usually a kit which includes a lens) and a memory card. After that …… zilch. They are happy enough with what they’ve got and a good number of them instantly regard themselves a pro’s since they have “all the gear”

    Now a phone has come along that meets all their requirements and I think we will see a drop in DSLR sales and a return to the days when it was people interested in photography that bought SLR’s. No bad thing in my opinion.

    Back in the day B.D. (before digital) if there had been anything like Flickr for camera users the majority of the users would have been shooting on 110mm rather than 35mm or at best point and shoot (formerly known as rangefinders or compacts) leaving all that proper equipment to the enthusiasts and pro’s.

    Anyway, rumour has it that the next DSL from Canon will sport a built in phone!

    (I just made that last bit up)

    • Scott says:

      I agree with you that DSLR sales might feel a bit of a bite as more people can take better photos with their phones. I think for many, a DSLR is a status symbol and it never comes off Auto Mode. But in Auto Mode, A DSLR is just a glorified point and shoot camera. I guess the point I was trying to get across is that camera phones wont (any time soon) replace a DSLR. The functionality just isnt there. But I can very much see camera phones replacing point and shoot cameras. People want their images posted online as soon as possible and it s hard to beat the convienience of a smart phone with instant uploads to Facebook and other services. So do I think the iPhone 5 or smart phones in general will kill off DSLR’s? Not in my lifetime I dont.

  2. Melissa says:

    Oh you have an iphone 5? You’re hired, lol. Geesh.

  3. Ray Bilcliff says:

    Never in a zillion years will an iPhone surpass a DSLR. Can you imagine lining up that awesome shot of a Florida Panther and her 6 cubs and it rings!!! And you will never take a href=”http://www.slideshow_everglades.htm”> photos like these with it either.

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