Layers for Adobe Lightroom!

I have to say I’m very excited about this.  So much so I’m posting on a Saturday.  If you use Adobe Lightroom you already know there is no  way to process  your photos using Layers inside Lightroom.  To use layers, you needed Photoshop.  From inside Lightroom you should select to edit your photo in Photoshop which would trnasfer the file to Photoshop. You could then use Photoshop’s layering capabilities and then transfer your photo back to Lightroom when you were done.  Not the greatest workflow but if you wanted or needed to use layers you really had no other option until now.

onOne Software, the makers of the Perfect Photo Suite family of plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom have just released for Public Beta, a new Lightroom plugin called Perfect Layers.  Perfect Layers adds the ability to work with layers and layer blend modes directly in Lightroom or al by itself.  Not only is Perfect Layers a plugin for Lightroom but it is a stand alone program that will function on it’s own.  I dont know about you but I’m sitting here thinking that this is probably the single best plugin for Lightroom ever made.  I had a chance to play around with the software for a short wile just before writing this blog post and I have to say it is very impressive.  If you use Lightroom you really do NEED to hop on over to onOne’s website and get in on the public beta and give this a test drive.  You can get to the download page for Perfect Layers by clicking this link.  On the page you will see links for two videos featuring scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski.   The videos are demos of how to use the Perfect Layers software.  Matt demos the software for landscape type photos and Scott does some portrait retouching.  Hop on over to onOne and take a look.  I bet you are glad you did.

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