Mike Dickeson: Smoke, Light, and Water

Facebook is an amazing tool.   The news feed brings things to your desktop that you may otherwise not see.  This was the case the other day while I was working on the Camera Light & Lens Photography Forum Facebook page.  As I was sitting there admiring some photos I came across some photos by a guy named Mike Dickeson.  Now I dont know Mike at all but I wish I had the opportunity to pick his brain.  He has a Facebook page called “Mike Dickeson Technicalist Photography“.  Mike’s page seems to be a newly created page with a few photo galleries but it’s quality not quanitity that counts right?  Mike has put together some very cool drop collosion shots and some very nice smoke photographs.  Is this new stuff?  Well, no.  I have seen this type of work before but it always amazes me when someone pulls it off well and Mike does just that.  Below is a sample of the images posted on his FB Page.  If you like this type of thing stop by Mike’s Facebook page and give his page a “Like”.  I bet you’ll be glad you did.

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