From Focused to Finished: Kelby Training Seminar

I’m Sitting in the Pennsylvania Convention center today attending a Kelby training seminar called “From Focused to Finished.  this is my first time at one of the seminars presented by Scot Kelby’s “Kelby Training” group.  The main persenter today is Ben Wilmore.  This training session is supposed to cover the while process from the beginning to end of taking photographs and editing using photoshop.  The class schedule looks very interesting.  I’ll do a full report and evaluation in the forum.  Sorry for the crappy photo.  I took the train into Philadelphia today for this seminar and I didnt want to carry a whole boatload of gear.  :)


Update: I posted a full report in the forum.  Bottom line.  Morning for beginner photographers.  Afternoon, for intermediate photoshop users.  The end.  :)

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  1. Melissa says:

    I would have to agree with you on the class. It is way to easy in the beginning. I think that they need to separate the difficulty more. Maybe offer a novice level and then an intermediate level class. Oh well it was a fun experience and hopefully you learned something and didn’t waste an entire day for nothing. ;)

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