Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 Ultimate $25

I dont usually use this blog as an advertisment for anyone but this deal is too good to ignore.  Corel is currently offering their Photo Editing software, Paint Shop Pro Photo X3 Ultimate for $40.  You can access this page by clicking here.   On this page along the right hand column below the Twitter advertisement is a discount offer to save $15.  Enter a valid email address and you will receive a code for $15 off that you can apply to your current purchase.

If you choose the download version Corel will automaticaly add “Download Insurance” to your order for about $10.  You can remove this from your cart but if you do, you will need to save the email with the download information in case you  need to reinstall.  If you choose the box version you shoud see that the cost if shipping is lined out and is listed as free.  Dont worry as you click through the purchase screens.  As long as you dont change the shipping method shipping should remain free.  If you are already using an eariler version of Paint Shop Pro Photo you can choose the Upgrade version and save an additional $5.

Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo is very (and I mean very) similar to Adobe’s Photoshop.  It has nearly all the same tools and features.  The only thing missing (at least in previous versions) is a module similar to Adobe Camera Raw.  There is a new Raw Lab in this newest version but I really cant comment on how it compares to Adobe Camera Raw since I have not yet seen it.  Paint Shop Pro Photo is a full featured editor and is a great choice for anyone who wants to edit their photos but doesnt want to pay the high price for Photoshop.  And at this price, it’s a steal!

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