GPS for Pentax K-5, K-r, and 645D

Pentax has announced a new GPS Module for it’s K-5, K-r, and 645D cameras.  The GPS Module O-GPS1 (catchy name huh?) should be available mid July with a MSRP of $250.  Features include:

Geotag your images for location information on popular photo-sharing websites
Chart the progress of a hike, bike or boating trip with interval position tracking
A separate, but efficient power source will not drain your camera’s battery
Supports terrestrial-based WAAS for highly accurate positioning
Electronic Compass function assists while hiking or camping.

You can Pre Order the GPS Module from the Pentax Web Store at this page.  It is interesting to note that on the specifications tab it lists the supported cameras as the K-5, K-r, and 645D as of May 2011, which would suggest that they are working on broader camera support.  Thanks C2D!

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