Star Trails in Australia

I don’t know if you ever tried shooting Star Trails or not.  I have experimented with shooting star trails with some pretty limited results.  It’s a long process requiring your camera to be mounted on a tripod for long periods of time.  The few times I tried this I set the camera to shoot 30 second exposures using the camera’s internal timer (interval shooting).  After about an hour you have about 120 images that you have to stack in Photoshop and then blend together…  My meager attempts have yielded some results that show how the concept works but that’s about it.  I  wont bore you with any of my photos here (like I did in the forum  :P).

Although my attempts showed the “how to’s” actually worked.  They lacked any art value.  But that’s not the case with these shots from Australian Photog Lincoln Harrison.   Check out this link and see how beautiful some star trail photos can be when done the right way  :)  Here is a sample from the post.

Special Thanks to EDW Lynch for putting the original post together.

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