New Camera! Pentax K-3

Its been a while since I have been blogging.  I have just been busy with life and things.  Work.  Wife.  One kid graduated from college and entering the workforce. Other kid starting her 3 year away.  So I’ve been a bit busy.   so what brings me back to CLL to blog post?  A new camera, what else?  I haven’t been this excited about a camera since I bought my Pentax K-5 a few years ago.

IMGP9952Enter the Pentax K-3.  I have only had this camera for a short while but so far I’m very impressed.  There are so many upgrades I haven’t even begun to explore them.  I have only had time to take a limited number of photos since this camera landed on my doorstep courtesy of B&H Photo and UPS (and my bank account).

Since I have had the camera I have been asked so many questions.  So many ‘would be’ buyers want to know how well does this or that feature work, what’s the image quality like, how well does it handle focus tracking, etc etc…  I’m not a professional camera IMGP9948testing lab.  I’m just a guy that likes photography but I have tried to answer as many questions as I can.  So many features have changed that sometimes I feel as if I shouldn’t even say anything.  I haven’t learned all the features of this camera yet and I really don’t want to give anyone any misinformation.  All I can say so far is that I really really really like the camera.  It looks great.  It feels nice in my hand.  And for me (so far) it takes some pretty awesome photos.  I’m sure that you’ll see some “expert” reviews in the coming days/weeks/months on this camera.  But for me it’s already a home run.

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Some sample photos taken with the K-3 are below.

Happy Shooting!


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