Microsoft Surface Pro 3

microsoftI know its fashionable to use Apple products but I have a PC.  I have always had a PC and all my software is for PC.  Although Photography is my hobby, I have other work responsibilities that require me to run PC software.  So… I have a PC.

I had to retire an Old Windows XP machine so it was time to start looking for some new hardware.  I couldn’t decide on a laptop or a tablet.  I really wanted the processing power of a laptop but I wanted it to be portable.  Until now I have been lugging around a 17 inch screen laptop and to be honest… I’m just plain tired of lugging that heavy beast all around when I travel.

So I just couldn’t decide.  Laptop or Tablet?  So I just decided that I wanted both and Thanks to Microsoft I now have both.  Well, both in the same machine. IMGP3504-small This is a Microsoft Surface Pro 3.  It looks a lot like a laptop in this photo I took but don’t let the keyboard fool you.  The keyboard is attached via a magnetic connection so you just need to pull it off if you want the tablet experience.  And if you need to reattach the keyboard, you just need to get it near the tablet and the magnets snap it back into place.

My favorite part of this little beauty is that is runs Photoshop and Lightroom (and all my plugins).



The Operating system is Windows 8.1.  I know some people don’t like the Windows 8 experience but I really like it a lot.  I guess you could say that I got used to it and now I wouldn’t want to go back to Windows 7.

I’m not really an electronics reviewer but here are a few highlights of the Surface Pro 3.

  • USB Port
  • Display Port
  • Micro SD Card Port
  • Touch Screen
  • Front & Rear Cameras

If you want more specs on the Surface Pro 3 you can click this link

All in all its a pretty cool tablet that doubles as a laptop.  Or is it a laptop that doubles as a tablet?  Either way… It’s just awesome!



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