Welcome to Camera Light & Lens Photography Forum!

Hi Everyone and welcome to Camera Light & Lens.  I had a concept in my head a while back when I started the forum project.  My idea was to have a friendly photography forum where all the members would feel welcome to share their ideas and techniques for their style of photography.  I wanted to create a place where everyone could learn from each others successes and failures, so we all could improve our skills in our favorite hobby.  After several months of researching, I created the Camera Light & Lens Photography forum.  The forum was the first step of this project.  It took a while for me to get around to actually getting that project up and running.  I really owe alot of thanks for a few very good friends that encouraged this project.  Without them, I dont think this would have ever happened.   After the forum had been in place for a few months it seemd like it was time to expand the original “forum only” idea to something a bit larger scale.  So the next step was to create this space.  This space will serve as a News Blog for the forum site.  Instead of posting Photography Articles randomly around the forum, I’ll be posting them here.  Hopefully, if I have done all this right, they will be archived and categorized.

So that’s the deal.  Once again I’m wading in unfamiliar water with all this so be prepared for some growing pains.  The site may change appearance from time to time as I figgure out how to work the software.  Thanks for being a part of the community.  Your continued support is greatly appriciated