Free Webinar with Winifred Whitfield

Photographer and digital painter, Winifred Whitfield will host a free photo editing webinar titled “Take your Images to WOW”.  Join Ms Whitfield as she guides you through her own style of photo processing using Photoshop Plugins from Nik Software.  The webinar is being sponsored by Nik Software and X-Rite.  The webinar will air on Wednesday November 16th, 2011 at 2PM USA Eastern time.

Click this link for more info and to register!

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Nikon D5100 and D7000 Firmware Updates

If you shoot a Nikon D5100 or a D7000 you’ll want to check out the links below and update your camera’s firmware.


Nikon D5100 firmware version 1.01


  • An error where the card may not have been recognized when some memory cards were used has been addressed.
  • When Selective color from the retouch menu is performed on a picture taken with the image quality set to NEF (RAW)+JPEG and an image size of M or S, the edges of the image may not have changed color. This issue has been resolved.
  • When Metering was set to Matrix metering, the exposure mode set to M (Manual), and the HDR exposure differential set to Auto, the exposure differential was fixed at a value equivalent to 2 EV. This has been changed to enable automatic adjustment of exposure differential so that it is appropriate for the scene

Nikon D7000 firmware version 1.03


  • An error where the card may not have been recognized when some memory cards were used has been addressed.
  • The following issues occurred when the mode dial was rotated from U1 or U2 to another shooting mode or from another shooting mode to U1 or U2 when the power was off or when the exposure meters are off (Auto meter-off). These issues were resolved. Continue reading
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Star Trails in Australia

I don’t know if you ever tried shooting Star Trails or not.  I have experimented with shooting star trails with some pretty limited results.  It’s a long process requiring your camera to be mounted on a tripod for long periods of time.  The few times I tried this I set the camera to shoot 30 second exposures using the camera’s internal timer (interval shooting).  After about an hour you have about 120 images that you have to stack in Photoshop and then blend together…  My meager attempts have yielded some results that show how the concept works but that’s about it.  I  wont bore you with any of my photos here (like I did in the forum  :P).

Although my attempts showed the “how to’s” actually worked.  They lacked any art value.  But that’s not the case with these shots from Australian Photog Lincoln Harrison.   Check out this link and see how beautiful some star trail photos can be when done the right way  :)  Here is a sample from the post.

Special Thanks to EDW Lynch for putting the original post together.

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No more Nikon D300s or D700 for Japan

Nikon Japan just issued a press release saying they will halt the sales of the D300s and D700 DSLR cameras in Japan.  To comply with the “Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law”, Nikon has decided to halt sales of the D300s and D700 along with the following accessories:
Wireless Transmitter WT-3
MB-D10, MB-D200, MB-D80 Multi-Power Battery Pack MB-D10, MB-D200,
Battery Chamber Cover BL-3
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL9

Overseas sales are said to not be affected by Nikon’s decision.

You can read the translated press release here

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Creating a Slideshow with Adobe Lightroom 3

Mark over at the Digital Photo Buzz blog has written a pretty nice tutorial on how to use Adobe Lightroom 3 to create a professional slide show presentation.  From using the pre made templates to creating your own custom slide show, mark covers the bases.  Be sure to check it out.

Digital Photo Buzz: Creating Slideshows in Adobe Lightroom

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onOne Software Webinar Today

Join Stacy Pearsall as she guides you through the use of onOnes’s Perfect Photo Suite 6.  Perfect Photo Suite is a plugin package for Photoshop.  The latest version of this software is packed full of new features.  If you are considering buying a plugin package for your editing you will want to check this out.

Click here to Register.  The webinar is live from 2PM til 3 PM USA Eastern Time.  You can view it on your time zone by clicking the link.

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Adobe Lightroom 3 On Sale!

Once again Adobe is offering Lightroom 3 at a substantial savings.  You can pick a copy of this popular editing software for the discounted price of $150.



Adobe Lightroom 3 at B&H Photo with free shipping
Offer Expires November 12, 2011

Adobe Lightroom 3 from with free shipping
Unknown Expiration Date

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X-Rite Photo: Photo Contest “Landscapes”

X-Rite Photo is sponsoring a photo contest on Facebook.  The theme is “Landscapes”.


They are giving away some pretty cool stuff:
1st prize is a write up on the X-Rite Photo Blog, a Color Munki Display calibrator and a Color Checker Passport.

To enter you need a Facebook and Twitter account.  You can find all the information you


need by clicking this link.  Good Luck!


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Mamiya Large Sensor Digital Photography

Looking to upgrade to a medium format camera or just wondering what medium format is all about?  Well, this is for you.  Mamiya is offering a free webinar titled “An Introduction to Large Sensor Digital Photography”  The webinar is being held on Thursday, November 10th, 2011 and it being offered in two seperate sessions.  The first session is at 11AM US Eastern time and the second is at 1PM US Eastern time.  It should prove to be an interesting introduciton to what the pros use.  Each session should run about an hour.  Check it out!

Click here for info for the 11 AM Session
Click here for info for the 1PM Session

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Nikon Factory Still Underwater

The Nikon Rumors Blog just posted an update regarding Nikon’s manufacturing facility in Thailand.  According to the report, the first floor of all buildings are still submerged under water.  The damage is currently estimated to cost Nikon approximately 65 billion yen in sales (approx $832 million USD).  You can read the full report at this link at Nikon Rumors.

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